Girls STEM Summit–Statewide 2018 Expands Girls’ STEM Horizons and Closes the Gender Gap in the STEM Workforce

September 25, 2017
For Immediate Release

Announcing Girls STEM Summit-Statewide 2018.  Enrollment is open for parents or school groups to sign up high school girls in grades 8–12.

When: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Where: Hosted by Jr.Tech at Regis College, Weston, MA
Time: 8am–4pm
Cost: $67 per student (includes activities, continental breakfast, lunch, and give-a-away.)
Who: 8th–12th grade girls interested in STEM!
Other:  Parents may buy individual seat or block seats available for school groups
Organized by: Jr.Tech
Facility Partner: Regis College

Jr.Tech will host Girls STEM Summit, the premier Massachusetts statewide summit for high school girls in grades 8–12 who are interested in pursuing STEM degrees and exploring STEM career choices.

The key goals of Girls STEM Summit–Statewide are to educate young women in grades 8–12 on various STEM career paths through hands-on breakouts, to encourage students to continue studying these disciplines throughout high school in order to prepare for college degree programs, to inspire through interaction with female professional role models working in STEM fields, to demonstrate that a STEM career is attainable, to impact decision-making at a critical period, and to close the gender gap in the STEM workforce.

Phyllis Russell, President of Jr.Tech states “Not only is there a gender gap in STEM, there is a shortage of a STEM skilled labor force and the problem is growing. Through the Girls STEM Summit, we aim to inspire more women to enter STEM degree programs which will ultimately aid in building a skilled labor force.”

Jr.Tech, Inc., is a Massachusetts-based non-profit educational organization celebrating 11 years of supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

For additional information and to register students for the Summit, please visit

Phyllis Russell: 774.994.2097
Rachel Arno: 617.659.1570



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