Jr.Tech 2019 Summer STEM Programs

Beginner Coders!

In the Beginner Coders Jr.Tech Cape Cod STEM workshop Students will learng basic computer science coding skills plus develop soft skills including problem solving, creativity, persistence, communication skills, and collaboration. Entering grades 4–6

Getting Started with Web Development!

In this two-week Jr.Tech Cape Cod workshop, students will learn how to design, style and program their own websites from scratch. First, students will learn how to markup a webpage with content using HTML5, then make their websites stylish and dynamic using CSS. Finally, students will add user interaction to their sites using JavaScript. Entering grades 7-12

Introduction to Basic Computer Algorithms!

In this workshop, students will learn various formal techniques that coders use to make their programs more efficient. Over the four days students will learn to: use abstract data structures, search and sort data in lists and analyze which sorting methods are more or less efficient than others. All programs will be written in Python. Entering grades 7–12

Building a PC!

During this one-day Jr.Tech Cape Cod STEM workshop, students will be taught everything that goes into building a PC! They’ll learn where the parts go, how to organize the cables properly, and how to install an operating system onto a new computer. After completing this workshop, students will understand how the hardware, software, and electronics combine to make a working computer! Entering grades 7–10

3D Computer Game Programming

Over the course of two weeks, students will learn how to develop both 2D and 3D games using the Unity engine. Not only will students learn to code games using C#, they will also use Unity’s intuitive user interface to adjust just about anything in their games from lighting to game physics, to character animations. After getting comfortable with C# and building various mini-projects, students will conclude the two weeks by developing a final project of their very own. Entering Grades 7–12


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