Jr.Tech 2018–2019 School Year STEM Workshops

Project Runway – STEAM Edition

In this one-day Jr.Tech Cape Cod STEM workshop, students will use a Design Thinking process to create hi-tech clothing, textiles, or wearable technology in order to solve a problem or fill a need in their community. Students will create a digital model or 3-Dimensional prototype, and then, effectively communicate how their final product would meet the challenge. Think, design, make!

Building a PC

During this one-day Jr.Tech Cape Cod STEM workshop, students will be taught everything that goes into building a PC! They’ll learn where the parts go, how to organize the cables properly, and how to install an operating system onto a new computer. After completing this workshop, students will understand how the hardware, software, and electronics combine to make a working computer!

Intro to CAD, Autodesk Fusion 360 3D Modeling, and 3D Printing

Students attending this week-long Jr.Tech STEM workshop will gain an introductory understanding to CAD software with specific focus on Autodesk’s 3D modeling in Fusion 360. We’ll introduce you to valuable tools for learning Fusion 360, and give you great tips and tricks. Students will also create simple designs to print out on 3D printers!