Computer Programming and Algorithms Using Python Software – Level 2

Expand your Python knowledge and take your skills to the next level! In level 2, concepts covered will include searching and sorting algorithms, abstract data structures, object oriented programming and more. By the end of this week, you will have all of the basic programming skills needed to excel as a well rounded computer programmer.

Intro to Computer Game Programming Using C++

Learn the overall basics behind the C++ programming language such as variables, data types, control structures, functions, and object oriented programming. Then, take these skills and apply them to making computer games by learning how to program sprites, sounds, and simple game designs.

Sizzling Summer Hands-on Fun!

Experience a chock-full day of activities and projects! Make elephant toothpaste, design and build a marble maze, build a lava lamp, make fizzing sherbet, design and build screaming balloons, play board games and with fun STEM gadgets.

Current STEM Programs

Current STEM Programs

Thank you for joining us during our school-year programs and trusting us with the safety of your children during a challenging pandemic year! More information coming soon on our next round of STEM workshops.     ​Safety protocols and procedures for all...