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Jr.Tech Girls STEM Summit

High school girls are craving more connection with STEM minded peers and seeking knowledge about STEM career paths. Girls STEM Summit reinforces and enhances girls’ passion for STEM. We believe in exposure — exposure to career path ideas, exposure to hands-on learning experiences, exposure to female role models, and exposure to the personal benefits of earning a STEM degree. We want girls to pursue their passions and fall in love with the possibilities of STEM careers.

What is Girls STEM Summit?

  • A full day STEM Summit for 8th – 12th grade girls
  • For girls interested in pursuing STEM career paths
  • Features female STEM professionals and educators
  • Highlights emerging and existing STEM careers
  • Explores post secondary STEM education and High School requirements

What Happens at Girls STEM Summit?

Girls will:

  • Meet female STEM experts
  • Attend hands-on and stimulating career track breakout sessions
  • Interact with other girls with similar interests
  • Hear an inspirational keynote speech by a woman leader in a STEM field
  • Be exposed to STEM industries and career options

Girl STEM Summit Goals:

  • Inspire girls to pursue STEM fields
  • Help girls make High School curricula choices consistent with their post-secondary goals
  • Enlighten girls about emerging STEM fields
  • Prepare girls for STEM college and career choices

As stated in Inc. Magazine’s article 5 ways to Get Girls to Fall in Love With STEM, Girls STEM Summit-Statewide accomplishes these top 5 goals: 

#1 – Embrace the power of storytelling

#2 – Demonstrate how STEM aligns with hobbies girls are already into.

#3 – Encourage the exploration of extra-curricular learning settings. 

#4 – Don’t focus on one particular age of influence.

#5 – If you’re a woman in STEM, play your part.

Girls hear personal stories from female professionals working in STEM fields. Many of the hands-on career sessions showcase STEM industries and intersections between hobbies/passions and STEM career paths. Jr.Tech focuses on all grades with both its workshops and summits helping to engage young girls to pursue their interests in STEM. We bring together many female professionals eager to play their part and give back their knowledge to the next generation of female workers.  

Jr.Tech developed the premier statewide Girls STEM Summit to meet these needs. Jr.Tech has proudly hosted eight STEM Summits and looks forward to inspiring our future generation of STEM experts and global leaders with future summits.


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Contact Jr.Tech to become an early, key sponsor of future Girls STEM Summit events.

Girls STEM Summit-Statewide 2018