Girls STEM Summit Testimonials

What high school girls have to say about Girls STEM Summit:


  • “Fun, I learned so much about STEM that I never would have known.”
  • “Inspiring and really interesting. I loved the hands-on activities.”
  • “Very informative and a great opportunity.”
  • “Exciting and had awesome hands-on activities!”
  • “Inspired me to look more at different career paths in STEM.”
  • Really Great! I loved every part of it and learned more about things I would not have thought about prior to this Summit.
  • Amazing. Gave me a brand new perspective on my future and how I can shape it.
  • Informative. Interesting. Inspiring.
  • The keynote speaker was so inspiring!

And a testimonial from a high school educator for Girls STEM Summit:


“The students I brought loved their time and felt that it was absolutely worth giving up a weekend day to attend. I was very impressed.”

R. Whitesel

Instructor, Math, Science, & Technology Departments (GSS enrollment of over 20 girls), Hudson High School

STEM Workshops and Camps Testimonials

Jr.Tech has been providing STEM programming since 2005! The trending topics in STEM have evolved greatly over the years and we’re proud to be in the forefront of STEM programming for boys and girls. Check out some testimonials here from parents, students, educators and Summit attendees.

What students have to say about workshops and camps


“I had always aspired to be an engineer, however, I had truly never given much thought to what sort of engineer I wanted to become. It was purely by chance that I was enrolled in the Jr.Tech Lego Robotics program, and it was there that I found what I truly wanted to do. Through the program, I learned of the infinite possibilities that could be created through robotics. Plus there was the added effect of creating legos that could actually move. For a 10 year old, building a toy piece by piece and then getting your new toy to actually move? It was an endless source of fun and innovation! From that point on, I knew my calling and what I truly wanted to do with my life. And it was all thanks to the Jr.Tech program that I found that calling so early in my life. Next year, I will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute and majoring in robotics engineering. For me, my experience with Jr.Tech was not only an educational one, but an experience that helped shape who I truly am, and who I will become in the future. And I cannot thank Jr.Tech enough for helping me with that decision.”

Michael C.

“I didn’t want to go to the Sizzling Summer Hands-On Fun class all day. Science at school isn’t fun. Today was so awesome. We did so many fun things. I wish science at school was fun.”

John P.

“I want to thank you for the unique opportunities you gave me. With you, I had an opportunity to participate in two necropsies, operate R.O.V.’s, and take a class on animal behaviors. The necropsies were amazing! And I actually got to participate! It was incredible!

The R.O.V.’s were incredible too. My favorite one was the one that looked like a mini sub with a camera inside.

The class on animal behaviors was very informational. We practiced our observational skills on baby turtles. They were so cute! The last day, we went on a whale watch. I had never seen a whale breach before, but one whale breached continuously.

Thanks Jr.Tech!

Dylan K.

“As a result of participating in the high school level CSI Marine Mammal Workshop offered by the Jr.Tech, my interest in studying marine biology increased.  I enjoyed meeting the instructors at Woods Hole and doing a necropsy so much that I declared my major in marine biology at Northeastern. Jr.Tech’s mentoring provided me contacts for a summer volunteer internship working with professionals at WHOI. Thanks Jr.Tech!

Jackie H.

What parents have to say about Jr.Tech


Dear Jr.Tech,
You run a 5+star program.
Thank you for another year of continuous engagement with the Cape’s students and families, and for your robust work making each of these STEM workshops and summits rich, fun, and enlightening. Thanks to all your collaborating teachers, too. You make these programs so captivating and fulfilling that we parents would love to be kids again, in JrTech!
B. Burnett

“My daughter loved the Turtle TLC and Seals SOS workshop in July and continued her interest by attending the turtle release by NMLC at Dowses Beach in August! Very awesome! Your programs are terrific! As a mom and 7th grade teacher, I have been very impressed by the quality of instruction and the high-interest factor of your offerings!”

M. Dunham

“I have a kid who eats up anything he can learn about science, especially technology and engineering. The time teachers can spend on these topics in school is limited, so it’s great to find resources like the Jr.Tech to feed his passion. He loved the Design Squad Challenge because it was fun, challenging, and included an element of competition that he really enjoys.”

C. Johnson-Staub

“I was very impressed with both the Build ‘Em and Bust ‘Em and the Space Works Academy. Not only were the instructors very knowledgeable, they made the class interesting and fun for the students! I also found it very easy to sign up and to receive information about Jr.Tech’s programs. Thank you so much for having these available over vacation periods to keep young minds active!”

V. Donovan

“Kayla had an absolute blast yesterday during Fizz, Bang, Boom – Fun with Chemistry Science! She has not stopped talking about everything she did. Thank you SO much for such a great experience!”

T. SanClemente

“My grandson, Hunter, had a wonderful experience at Moon Camp. On the way home he said, ‘That workshop was the best thing that ever happened to me….that and Nintendo.”

M. Hogan

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